We strive to be more than a brand. We aim to inspire people to be the best version of themself and motivate them to do wonderful things. No goal is too high. No idea is too crazy. Set the bar high, focus and just be yourself! As we're growing our community we're noticing that a lot of you are really inspiring people with amazing talents and stories. We decided to highlight a few of the most amazing creations that we received from our community and provide some context to them hoping they will warm your hearts. 

''Everything you can imagine is real'' -- Pablo Picasso

Tyler van Loon (@imtylerv) - ''Friends in Space''

''I was looking at art from Roger Dean (he does album art for the band YES and a lot of art landscapes of futuristic landscapes, etc). I saw an art piece he did of two people hiking on some extraterrestrial mountain, and got the idea of two friends, in the future, traveling to different planets together. Thought it’d be fun to have them in space suits with some cool glasses. I’m a big fan of retro futurism and funky accessories, especially glasses/helmets/goggles. 🚀''

ZAK KALIVAS (@zakkalivas) - ''The VERGE''

'There are countless things that inspire me on a daily basis as an artist, either digitally or physically. Nonetheless, fashion - particularly avant-garde and experimental fashion has always been the driving force of inspiration. From a really young age, my environment was brimming with artistic influences, either on TV/media or in my physical surroundings. I was blessed with encouragement to experiment with different mediums and really refine what I really wanted to say with my work, as well as understand how I can become the translator for ideas and emotions into form. Following fashion, music has always influenced the final product of any work of mine - recently been listening to 80/90s New Wave, to which impacted the visual concept of the ‘VERGE’ shoot. I find it fascinating that it could be as simple as a pair of sunglasses which could shape your whole persona and change the ‘face’ that you present to the world.'